Filip Goč

Designer of Learning Experiences

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About me

I create modern learning experiences, be it online classes, in-person workshops or professional development courses. I designed an award-winning 3D Printer, taught in classrooms and ran hands-on workshops and MOOCs. I am a tinkerer and a DIY aficionado. I cherish the smell of freshly cut wood, but I am at home making things digital.

My approaches are steeped in cognitive sciences, design thinking, game-inspired learning, and both constructionist and constructivist approaches. I believe in curiosity, combining liberal arts with digital fabrication, and open-ended, learner-centered instruction.




Harvard Graduate School of Education
Master of Education: Technology, Innovation, and Education 2012-2013 Associate of Student Advisory Board | Winner of Harvard X Design Education Challenge
University of Virginia
Bachelor of Arts in Cognitive Sciences 2010-2012 Focus in Digital Humanities, New Media, and Cognitive Psychology | Dean’s List
Northern Virginia Community College
Associate Degree 2009-2010 Presidential Scholar and Dean’s List | Award of High Academic Achievement


Co-Creator; Captain of Design and Education 2015-present Co-created a startup to teach general public, teachers, and students to assemble and use DIY 3D Printers as a learning experience. Used design thinking and learning theories to create the award-winning educational 3D Printer "JellyBOX" (modeled in Fusion360, AutoCAD, and Illustrator). JellyBOX has been awarded "Best for Schools" by Make Magazine in 2017 and 2019. I also developed the IMADE3D educational concept of Hands-on Builds, created the online documentation (Dozuki, Docsify, Jekyll), shot and edited instructional videos (Premiere Pro), customized forks of open source firmware and software (Arduino-Marlin and Cura), designed and administered the website (Wordpress), managed the e-shop (Magento 2), and oversaw the online community (Discourse).
Avenues the World School (online, China)
3D Printer Design and Learning Process Advisor 2019 Supported a group of international high school students through designing and building their own 3D printers; provided design critiques and guidance in both physical and software aspects of the design process.
HEP Haute École Pédagogique (Lausanne, Switzerland)
Instructor of 2D and 3D Computer-Aided Design 2018 Developed and taught two year-long professional development courses as a part of the PIRACEF program to groups of about 15 students. One course was on 2D CAD (using Illustrator and Inkscape), and the second was on 3D CAD (using Fusion 360). Created course website with screencasets mini-tutorials and exercises.,
HEP Haute École Pédagogique (Lausanne, Switzerland)
FabLab Co-Manager and Technician 2017 Helped FabLab users (teachers, students, general public) taking advantage of fabrication technologies (laser cutting, 3D printing, woodworking...) to realize their projects. Maintained and calibrated machinery (laser cutters, 3D printers, band saw, table saw...) Ceaslessly advocated for FabLab's public access and community functions.
Emerson College School of Communication (MA, USA)
Human-Centered Design Facilitator & Senior Project Manager 2013-2015 Over the course of a year, lead a cross-departmental, diverse group of faculty to re-thing and re-align the structure and programming of the entire School of Communication in the spirit of design thinking. Analysed the ed-tech space, and provided resources and activities to have the faculty explore and experience current communication and educational technology trends. Designed and managed online spaces to share findings and interact asynchronously. Run an internal mini-conference on technological trends including a design thinking workshop.
Emerson College (MA, USA)
Teaching Assistant for Communication Management Course 2015 Provided feedback and guidance on graduate students' final year's Communication Management projects. Managed class's Canvas site including forum and submissions and google docs integrations. Secured video recordings of sessions, and provided general IT support. Led classes on various subjects.
Design 101 MOOC, Iversity (online)
Community Meta-Manager and Lead 2014 Lead an international community of ~40 volunteers to manage a 40,000 student body (about 10,000 active students) in Iversity's Design 101 MOOC. Imagined and spearheaded ways to make this technologically and humanly possible. Heavily experimented with social and communication media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Hangouts, Slack, forum, email...) to keep the students engaged.
HarvardX = Harvard branch of EdX (MA, USA)
MOOC Researcher 2014 A part of a team assembled to compare and contrast MOOC courses from various providers to identify the best course design and community management practices. Produced an internal document outlining the state of the art and proposing innovative approaches to teaching online across disciplines.
University of Liverpool Online Courses (online, UK)
Instructional Designer & Curriculum Writer 2013-2014 Worked with an international team of content experts to re-design and re-write existing online courses in an MBA program to fit into a new school-wide pedagogical model aimed at increasing interactivity and students’ collaboration.
HFR Veritas Education (Shanghai, China)
Curriculum Designer and Content Expert 2014 Co-created curricula for after-school programs in Creative Problem Solving and Critical thinking for a local start-up in Shanghai, China. Reviewed and compiled existing literature and trends in teaching creativity. Prompted the team to use human-centered design practices in developing the coursework; held multiple feedback gathering sessions with Chinese students to test activities and align the curriculum with the needs and expectations of the regional audience. Delivered instructional activities for students and a teaching manual for instructors.
Center for Talented Youth of Johns Hopkins University (CA, USA)
Teaching Assistant of Cognitive Psychology 2011–2012 Prepared and taught college level lessons on various topics of Cognitive Psychology to a class of 15 gifted teenagers. Supervised students’ learning with an interactive suite of cognitive psychology experiments. Guided students to carry out lab reports, lead discussions to promote critical thinking and provided constructive feedback on performance.
Northern Virginia Community College (VA, USA)
ESOL and English Writing Tutor 2010 Held one-on-one tutoring sessions with college students of all English proficiencies (including native speakers). Worked with students to improve both their grammar and writing style. Specialized on American academic writing structure and style.


FilamentBuy (online, Czech Republic)
E-shop Developer 2020 Designed and populated a Magento 2 based e-shop to sell 3D printing filament for two Czech filament producers: FilamentPM and Fillamentum. Helped uncover and update non-standartized data formats to fit user expectations and help with SEO.
Education Design Shop at MIT (MA, USA)
Co-Organizer 2014 Together with the founder Jess, developed and ran a 2-day hackathon in Design Thinking for Educational Policy for educators, students, policy makers, and designers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Co-designed the website and print materials, shot video interviews with 'inspiring experts' (including the Massachusetts Secretary of Education, dr. Malone), developed scoring rubric, planned the activities... and anything else that was needed.
HyperStudio at MIT (MA, USA)
Digital Annotation Data Visualizations Designer 2013 HyperStudio is a digital humanities lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I used annotation data from HyperStudio's Annotation Studio to design and code interactive visualizations of users' reading paths using Processing and D3.js. Additionally, I built a user case study to streamline the UX and UI of the web app Also presented the work under the title "Temporal Aspect of Annotating" at "Convergence @Harvard" conference.

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