Exercises and website for my Fusion360 3D Modeling CAD class

In 2017, I taught two professional development courses at the Haute école pédagogique in Lausanne: 2D Drafting with Inkscape and 3D Modeling with Fusion360.

Both classes were hands-on, meaning not only we were using the software, but we were lso using lasercutting and 3D printing to create tangible objects.

I taught these classes in French.

3D CAD = CAO (Conception Assisté par Ordinateur)


My far from fluent French forced me to heavily prepare for this class - preparing exercises and lessons and even creating a whole companion website - also in French.

I released the instructions, animations, and videos under CC BY-SA 4.0.

Filip Goč
Learning Technologist, Fast-Paced Generalist, and a ‘Maker’