Audiobook of Stories for Children

I always had a soft spot for spoken word and radio plays. More than a decade before the current Second Golden Era of Radio (via Podcasting), I recorded a small audio book from Eberhard Hauptbahnhof's Stories for Restless Children. I used to recite poetry as a hobby; surprisingly, that was a viable passtime in the Czech republic back in the day.

Oh, these are in Czech. Enjoy.

Filip Goc · Potrestany trapic

Filip Goc · Jost v raselinisti

Filip Goc · Marycka nevdecnice

Filip Goc · Zlovolny Jirka aned Ztrestany Nenasyta

Filip Goc · Bezelstny Ebertik

Filip Goc · Banda divych Altmannu

Filip Goč
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