Amazon Store Configuration

I got to set up an Amazon store with configurable products for a Czech 3D printing manufacturer Filament PM.

What a learning experience that was; so many hoops to jump through.

At the core, the crux is reading a lot of documents and long excel tables with data formats and valid values and figuring out

  • what is applicable
  • what is desirable
  • and what is allowed

To complicate things, I needed to set up synchronization of stock and prices with a Magento eshop (with the help of my backend admin friend Vojta) or the company might sell something on Amazon that they had already sold on their own website - and that would be bad.

I have to say, I was impressed with those Amazon template spreadsheets. They are a bit lengthy, but they are definitely self-explanatory.

I have in fact adopted the structure (🤔Data Definitions, 🤔Example, 🤔Valid Values) into my own spreadsheets in addition to my beloved README.


Filip Goč
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