Filip Goč

Learning Technologist, Fast-Paced Generalist, and a ‘Maker’

I am a creative technologist and a DIY aficionado. I cherish the smell of freshly cut wood, but I am at home making digital things.

I create modern learning experiences, be it online classes, in-person workshops or professional development courses. I designed an award-winning educational 3D Printer, taught in classrooms and ran hands-on workshops and MOOCs.

My approaches are steeped in cognitive sciences, design thinking, game-inspired learning, and both constructionist and constructivist approaches. I believe in curiosity and open-ended, learner-centered instruction.


  • Teaching & Learning of Creativity & Design Thinking
  • DIY Movement & Maker Revolution (as Embodiments of Educational Constructionism)
  • Digital Annotating for Understanding and Retention
  • Digital Tools Pertaining to Learning Strategies
  • Multimedia Storytelling


  • M.Ed in Technology, Innovation, Education, 2013

    Harvard School of Education

  • BA in Cognitive Sciences and Digital Media, 2012

    University of Virginia

Featured Projects

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Tiny Comics for Fun

Won 3rd price in a local competition

Magento 2 E-Shop Configuration

I ran the backend and frontend of a Magento 2 eshop including bulk population with products.

» This « Site

I always need a portfolio.

Amazon Store Configuration

I got to set up an Amazon store with configurable products.

Avenues Mastery Academy's 3D Printer Project

I helped lead a group of international high-shoolers in designin/ building a play-doh-extruding 3D printer for kids.

Buckle 3D Model

I use this one to carry my camera whilst backpacking.

Cactus Low Poly 3D Model

Got to jump on that low-poly train.

Customized OctoPi Build

I forked, customized and compiled a RaspberryPi image of OctoPrint host using a virtual Ubuntu machine.

MicroSD Holder 3D Model

I use this one to organize my MicroSD cards.

Tysons Corner Mall Booth Design

For the Holiday Season 2018, I designed the graphics for the IMADE3D booth at the Tysons Corner Mall in Virginia. We had them printed …

Comics-Style Scientific Poster

It's a scientific poster with style

Lasered Blocks for Letterpress

Hacking lasercutting for an ancient print technique. Includes a scholarly essay. An older passion project of mine.

Exercises and website for my Inkscape 2D Drafting class

This was the companion website for my class. Creative commons for everyone.

Online User Guide Built with Dozuki

I took and edited the images and videos, created the graphics and organized the content into the Dozuki platform.

Extruder 3D Model

JellyBOX 3D Printer open source extruder.

Customized Cura Slicer Build

I forked, customized and maintain Cura slicer for IMADE3D.

Customized Marlin Firmware Build

I forked, customized and maintain Marlin firmware for IMADE3D.

Instructional Videos for 3D Printer Build; a Sampler

I produced these videos as a part of assembly instructions for the JellyBOX 3D printer.

Feature Highlight Short Video

Me as a talking head in a short video I also shot and edited highlighting some 3D printer features.

Visualization of Text Annotations over Time

A collaboration with Annotation Studio at MIT

Education DesignShop

I co-designed and co-led a Design thinking in education workshop at MIT

Brain Awareness Week Poster

In 2013, I designed the Brain Awareness Week poster at the Harvard School of Education.

Jára Cimrman Scholarly Tribute Website

A tribute digital humanities inspired website about a forgotten Czech genius.

Steam Glass Engine Viral Video

Luck has it, this video has 3.5 million views and counting.

Audiobook of Stories for Children

I voiced several satirical stories for children.

A selection of My Photos

They come when they please